Leviathan 99

by Doodle

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this is for the fans, everyone who supported us and waited for this album. you guys all know who your are and we want to thank you all so much


released March 24, 2012

Credits go to; Erol Kavvas on drums, vocals, and synth; Will Raybould on guitar, bass and vocals; Carrie Miller on cello; Harrison Greer on guitar, piano and vocals; recorded, mixed and mastered at KDVS with Fenris Wulf. All songs written by Doodle.



all rights reserved


Doodle Davis, California

We've been Doodle since early Junior High. We always loved making music together, but the task of making an album was incredibly daunting. This album, Leviathan 99, was written in high school, but we could never get it to sound quite right. This was our white whale and though we never quite got it right, it's been a big part of our lives. This albums for our fans, who have been so kind and patient ... more

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Track Name: Decades
ten fingers, ten toes
ten years go, i know you won't let us go
decades come, decades go
i love you, i thought i'd just let you know
i thought i'd just let you

i know i won't need to use this hammer
i know i won't need to build a home
build a home, build a home, yeah build a home
i know why the snow
burns our eyes and stings our toes
i know these decades won't last forever
i know a decade won't last that long
i woke up in your eyes
i woke up in your eyes
and when our lips collide
i know i won't have to build a home
Track Name: Tarqeq
it isn't what they want
it isn't what it's meant to be
now it's hanging over me
the guilt of what I'm supposed to be

no one is watching us

now that pressures gone
now i'm what i want to be
nothing watching over me
why don't i find that comforting

no one is watching us
Track Name: Apache Dance
skin on skin
heart to heart apache dance
let me in
don't put a wall around your heart

two by two
hand in hand we go by night
pisces fights
never alone within your heart

i know we both fight for survival
i know these bruises are think on our hands
i know
Track Name: Assembly
I hold on to my worries
I wear them like a badge
and to this congregation
distinguished guests i have
no need for group consensus
my kingdom for my pride
my health and all my worries
their graves lay side by side

i anxiously await that
moment when you decide
what kind of person you are
and what i am worth in your eyes

forgive me in my hubris
i waited for my life
these greek and roman numerals
had all already arrived
addressing this assembly
has taken far too long
my friends are waiting patient
and so i'll end this song
Track Name: In Motion
this nights so young, it makes me feel old

why does a sunset make you sad
these stellar units moving in concentric circles
is it worth our time if all our units come to an end
i hope our import keeps up even after the sun has set

we move in circles but our bodies don't feel it at all
we work so hard for what we want at the price of our lives
the word success causes us stress so let's redefine

this nights so young, it makes me feel old
Track Name: Would Sartre Be Proud?
who are you?
why are you asking me?

we were pioneers
we set out to, set down our laws
set out for, the sunset
who i am, is who i should be
and who you should be, is who you are, is who you are

who are you?
and why are you asking me?

we aren't the truth
if we can't keep true
to the things that we are
and the actions we choose
we'll stick to our guns
but we don't want to shoot
our conscience comprises
our ineptitude

would sartre be proud of you?

would sartre be proud of you?

the greatest abide by
that cardinal rule
we know who your are because
you are what you do
we aren't the truth

i am to you as you are, you are to me as i am
Track Name: We Love the Stars
I've been working the wrong end of 9 until 5
and the stars are looking awfully pretty outside
minding my own business like they're minding mine
at least there's something looking over my shoulder
I've got an itch in the back of my head
19 years and I've got nothing to show for it
the stars get dimmer the further you get
and that itch is getting harder and harder to ignore
i got to get on out of this town of mine
because i'm not going to have this body for much more
i could spend it contented in the arms that i love
but i can't without closing a few more doors
i've got time, is what i'm told
but i've been spending my life saying when I get old
but i'm older now
i am older now